A Guide To Buying Your Kilt

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A Guide to Buying Your Kilt

Traditional Prince Charlie outfit with an 8-Yard Traditional Kilt
Traditional Prince Charlie outfit with an 8-Yard Traditional Kilt

I have created “A Guide to Buying Your Kilt” as it may seem like a daunting task for many. “Which tartan do I choose? What weight will I choose? How many yards of fabric do I choose?” These are a few of the many questions that may be running through your mind after viewing the range of kilts that we offer at Tartan Plus Tweed. There are a few easy steps to follow, which can help guide you to choose your perfect kilt.

The first step is to choose your tartan. In our last blog, I explained some guidelines for choosing your tartan. You can view that blog here. When buying a kilt most people do choose the tartan of their name. For instance, if your surname is Henderson, then you would most likely choose one of the Henderson Tartans. But in some cases, your surname may not have a tartan. For example, if your surname is Patterson, there is not a Patterson Tartan. In most cases though, your name will be linked to family or clan. In the case of the name Patterson, it is a name of the Clan Farquharson. You can find a list of Clans and their associated names and families here. If your name is not linked to a clan, then you have the option of choosing a district tartan, or one of the many fashions tartans that are available. Click medium weight or heavy weight tartan fabric to view the range of tartans that are available in each weight respectively.

Once you choose the clan that you prefer, you may notice that there might be many options for that clan. There might be an Ancient, Modern, Weathered, Hunting, and even Muted variation for that tartan. You can find an explanation for those variations here. You can choose any that you like, there is not a preferred one for different types of occasions. All are suitable for whatever you may like to wear your kilt to. The choice is yours!

The next thing you may have to consider is the weight of the material and how many meters of fabric you choose to have in your kilt. If the tartan you choose is available in both medium weight and heavyweight, the choice is again yours. There may not be any difference in the amount of heat you feel whilst wearing the kilt, but there will be a noticeable difference in the weight you feel on your hips when wearing the kilt. Some people prefer less weight around their hips, and medium weight fabric offers a similar “swing” to the pleats as heavyweight as well. Some tartans are only available in heavyweight fabric, and some are only available in medium weight fabric. This all just depends on what the mill/s weave the tartan in.

We offer kilts with 5 or 8 yards of material. We offer this service because kilts can be worn to a wide variety of functions and events. The 5-yard kilt is a more casual kilt as the pleats are not as deep (due to less fabric), and they are much lighter in weight. You may live in a warmer climate than Scotland and want to wear the kilt, but not want to feel the heat as much. If any of these are the case, a 5-yard kilt may be for you. We also offer the two services as we like to offer the kilt in a range of prices to suit everyone. We do recommend the 8-yard kilt in heavyweight fabric as this is the highest quality kilt we can offer, and it will last for many years. It is also a kilt that can be altered in many ways. Because there is more fabric there is more material to work with if in the future you need the kilt taken in at the waist or taken out.

If you still have questions before buying your kilt, our helpful sales team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right kilt for you. You can contact us at sales@tartanplustweed.com or by calling us at 01896208007.