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Tartan Waistcoat in Wool

Children’s Tartan Waistcoat


Boy’s Tartan Waistcoat made from 100% pure new wool. This silk backed 3 button tartan waistcoat is available in 500 different tartans.

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Boy’s Wool Tartan Waistcoat

Made from 100% pure new wool, this tartan waistcoat is available in 500 different tartans. This features a silk back, and three button fastening.

These waistcoats are made to order, so please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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Weight 0.5 kg
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18″, 20″, 22″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″

Select Tartan

Abercrombie Modern, Allison Modern, Anderson Ancient, Anderson Modern, Angus Ancient, Armstrong Ancient, Armstrong Modern, Austin Ancient, Austin Modern, Baird Ancient, Baird Modern, Barclay Dress Modern, Barclay Hunting Ancient, Bermuda, Black, Black Watch Ancient, Black Watch Dress Modern, Black Watch Modern, Black Watch Weathered, Blair Modern, Blue Ancient, Blue Muted, Borthwick Ancient, Borthwick Dress Ancient, Boyd Modern, British Columbia, Brodie Hunting Ancient, Brodie Hunting Modern, Brodie Hunting Modern, Brown Modern, Bruce Ancient, Bruce Modern, Buchan Ancient, Buchan Modern, Buchanan Ancient, Buchanan Htg Modern, Buchanan Modern, Buchanan Old Sett Ancient, Buchanan Old Sett Weathered, Bundanoon, Burgundy, Burnett Ancient, Burns Check Modern, Caledonia Ancient, California (Muir), Cameron Ancient, Cameron Erracht Ancient, Cameron Erracht Modern, Cameron Erracht Weathered, Cameron Hunting Weathered, Cameron Lochiel Ancient, Cameron Lochiel Modern, Cameron Modern, Campbell Ancient, Campbell Argyll Ancient, Campbell Argyll Modern, Campbell Argyll Weathered, Campbell Breadalbane Ancient, Campbell Breadalbane Modern, Campbell Cawdor Ancient, Campbell Cawdor Modern, Campbell Dress Ancient, Campbell Dress Modern, Campbell Faded Weathered, Campbell Loudon Modern, Campbell Modern, Cape Breton, Carmichael Ancient, Carnegie Ancient, Chisholm Ancient, Chisholm Hunting Modern, Chisholm Modern, Chishom Hunting Ancient, Christie Modern, Clark Ancient, Clergy Blue Ancient, Clergy Green Ancient, Cochrane Ancient, Cockburn Ancient, Cockburn Modern, Colquhoun Ancient, Colquhoun Modern, Cooper Ancient, Cornish, Craig Ancient, Cranston Modern, Crawford Ancient, Crawford Modern, Culloden Ancient, Cumming Hunting Ancient, Cumming Hunting Modern, Cumming Hunting Weathered, Cumming Modern, Cunningham Modern, Dalriada, Dalziel Modern, Davidson Ancient, Davidson Modern, Davidson Tulloch Ancient, Douglas Ancient, Douglas Grey Ancient, Douglas Grey Modern, Douglas Modern, Drummond Modern, Drummond Perth Modern, Drummond Strathallan Ancient, Duffy Modern, Dunbar Modern, Duncan Ancient, Duncan Modern, Dundas Modern, Dundee, Dundee Discovery, Earl St.Andrews Modern, Edinburgh, Elliot Ancient, Elliot Modern, Erskine Black White Modern, Erskine Modern, Farquharson Ancient, Farquharson Modern, Farquharson Weathered, Ferguson Ancient, Ferguson Modern, Ferguson Weathered, Fletcher Ancient, Fletcher Dunans Modern, Fletcher Modern, Flower Scotland, Forbes Ancient, Forbes Modern, Forsyth Ancient, Forsyth Modern, Fraser Ancient, Fraser Hunting Ancient, Fraser Hunting Modern, Fraser Lovat Modern, Fraser Modern, Fraser Weathered, Galbraith Ancient, Galbraith Modern, Galloway Htg Modern, Galloway Red Modern, Gillies Ancient, Glasgow, Gordon Ancient, Gordon Dress Ancient, Gordon Dress Modern, Gordon Modern, Gordon Old Ancient, Gordon Red Ancient, Gordon Weathered, Gow Modern, Graham Menteith Ancient, Graham Menteith Modern, Graham Menteith Weathered, Graham Montrose Ancient, Graham Montrose Modern, Grampian, Grant Ancient, Grant Modern, Grant Weathered, Green Ancient, Gunn Ancient, Gunn Modern, Gunn Weathered, Hamilton Ancient, Hamilton Hunting Ancient, Hamilton Hunting Modern, Hamilton Modern, Hay Ancient, Hay Modern, Henderson Ancient, Henderson Modern, Holyrood, Home Ancient, Home Modern, Hunter Ancient, Hunter Modern, Inglis Ancient, Innes Ancient, Innes Modern, Inverness, Irvine Ancient, Jacobite Modern, Johnston Ancient, Johnston Modern, Keith Ancient, Keith Modern, Kennedy Ancient, Kennedy Modern, Kennedy Weathered, Kerr Ancient, Kerr Modern, Kilgour Modern, Lamont Ancient, Lamont Modern, Largs, Lauder Ancient, Lennox Modern, Leslie Ancient, Leslie Hunting Modern, Leslie Modern, Lindsay Ancient, Lindsay Modern, Lindsay Weathered, Livingstone Modern, Lochaber Weathered, Logan & MacLennan Ancient, Logan & MacLennan Modern, Lumsden Modern, MacAlister Modern, MacAlpine Ancient, MacAlpine Modern, MacArthur Ancient, MacArthur Modern, MacAuley Ancient, MacAuley Hunting Ancient, MacAuley Modern, MacBean Modern, MacBeth Ancient, MacBeth Modern, MacCallum Ancient, MacCallum Modern, MacColl Modern, MacDiarmid Modern, MacDonald Ardnamuchan Modern, MacDonald Boisdale Modern, MacDonald Clan Ancient, MacDonald Clan Modern, MacDonald Clan Weathered, MacDonald Clanranald Ancient, MacDonald Clanranald Modern, MacDonald Dress Ancient, MacDonald Dress Modern, MacDonald Glencoe Modern, MacDonald Kinsburgh Modern, MacDonald Lord Isles Htg Ancient, MacDonald Lord Isles Red Ancient, MacDonald Lord Isles Red Modern, MacDonald of Isles Green Ancient, MacDonald of Isles Green Modern, MacDonald Sleat Modern, MacDonald Staffa Modern, MacDonell Glengarry Ancient, MacDonell Glengarry Modern, MacDonell Keppoch Ancient, MacDonell Keppoch Modern, MacDougall Ancient, MacDougall Modern, MacDuff Ancient, MacDuff Dress Ancient, MacDuff Dress Modern, MacDuff Hunting Ancient, MacDuff Hunting Modern, MacDuff Modern, MacEwan Ancient, MacEwan Modern, MacFarlane Ancient, MacFarlane Black White Ancient, MacFarlane Black White Modern, MacFarlane Hunting Ancient, MacFarlane Hunting Modern, MacFarlane Modern, MacGill Modern, MacGillivray Hunting Ancient, MacGillivray Modern, MacGregor Ancient, MacGregor Hunting Ancient, MacGregor Modern, MacHardy Ancient, MacIan Modern, MacInnes Ancient, MacInnes Modern, MacIntosh Ancient, MacIntyre Ancient, MacIntyre Glenorchy Modern, MacIntyre Hunting Ancient, MacIntyre Hunting Modern, MacIntyre Hunting Weathered, MacIntyre Modern, MacIvor Modern, MacKay Ancient, MacKay Blue Ancient, MacKay Modern, MacKay Weathered, MacKellar Modern, MacKenzie Ancient, MacKenzie Dress Ancient, MacKenzie Dress Modern, MacKenzie Modern, MacKenzie Weathered, MacKillop Modern, MacKinlay Ancient, MacKinnon Ancient, MacKinnon Hunting Ancient, MacKinnon Hunting Modern, MacKinnon Modern, MacKintosh Hunting Ancient, MacKintosh Hunting Modern, MacKintosh Hunting Weathered, MacKintosh Modern, MacLachlan Ancient, MacLachlan Hunting Modern, MacLachlan Modern, MacLachlan Weathered, MacLaine Lochbuie Ancient, MacLaine Lochbuie Modern, MacLaren Ancient, MacLaren Modern, MacLaren Weathered, MacLay Modern, MacLean Duart Ancient, MacLean Duart Modern, MacLean Hunting Ancient, MacLean Hunting Modern, MacLellan Ancient, MacLeod Harris Ancient, MacLeod Harris Modern, MacLeod Harris Weathered, MacLeod Lewis Ancient, MacLeod Lewis Modern, MacMillan Dress Ancient, MacMillan Hunting Ancient, MacMillan Hunting Modern, MacMillan Old Ancient, MacMillan Old Modern, MacMillan Old Weathered, MacNab Ancient, MacNab Modern, MacNaughton Ancient, MacNaughton Modern, MacNeil Barra Ancient, MacNeil Barra Modern, MacNeil Colonsay Ancient, MacNeil Colonsay Modern, MacPhail Hunting Ancient, MacPhail Modern, MacPherson Ancient, MacPherson Dress Ancient, MacPherson Dress Modern, MacPherson Dress Modern, MacPherson Hunting Ancient, MacPherson Modern, MacPherson Weathered, MacPhie Modern, MacQuarrie Modern, MacQueen Modern, MacRae Ancient, MacRae Dress Modern, MacRae Hunting Ancient, MacRae Hunting Modern, MacRae Hunting Weathered, MacRae Modern, MacSporran Ancient, MacTaggart Ancient, MacTavish Modern, MacThomas Ancient, Malcolm Ancient, Malcolm Modern, Maple Leaf, Marshall Ancient, Marshall Modern, Matheson Ancient, Matheson Hunting Ancient, Matheson Hunting Modern, Matheson Modern, Maxwell Modern, Melville Modern, Menzies Black White Ancient, Menzies Black White Modern, Menzies Green Ancient, Menzies Green Modern, Middleton Modern, Mitchell Ancient, Mitchell Modern, Moffat Modern, Montgomerie Ancient, Montgomerie Modern, Morgan Modern, Morrison Ancient, Morrison Modern, Morrison Red Ancient, Morrison Red Modern, Mowat Ancient, Munro Ancient, Munro Modern, Murray Atholl Ancient, Murray Atholl Modern, Murray Atholl Weathered, Murray Tullibardine Modern, Musselburgh, Napier Ancient, Napier Modern, Navy, New Brunswick, New South Wales, Newfoundland, Nicolson Ancient, Nicolson Hunting Ancient, Nicolson Hunting Weathered, Nicolson Modern, Nisbet Modern, Nova Scotia, Ogilvie Airlie Ancient, Ogilvie Hunting Ancient, Ogilvie Hunting Modern, Oliphant Ancient, Paisley, Prince Edward Island, Prince of Wales Modern, Princess Margaret Rose Modern, Queensland Dress, Queensland Hunting, Ramsay Blue Ancient, Ramsay Modern, Rattray Modern, Red Ancient, Renfrewshire, Rob Roy MacGregor Ancient, Rob Roy MacGregor Modern, Robertson Ancient, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Hunting Modern, Robertson Modern, Robertson Red Weathered, Rose Hunting Ancient, Rose Hunting Modern, Rose Modern, Ross Ancient, Ross Hunting Ancient, Ross Hunting Modern, Ross Modern, Rothesay Duke of Hunting Modern, Rothesay Duke of Modern, Roxburgh, Royal Canadian Air Force Modern, Russell Ancient, Russell Modern, Ruthven Modern, Saint Patrick, Scott Ancient, Scott Black White Ancient, Scott Black White Modern, Scott Brown Ancient, Scott Brown Modern, Scott Green Ancient, Scott Green Modern, Scott Green Weathered, Scott Modern, Scottish National, Seton Hunting Modern, Seton Modern, Shaw Ancient, Shaw Green Modern, Shaw Modern, Shaw Red Modern, Shepherd Ancient, Sinclair Ancient, Sinclair Hunting Ancient, Sinclair Hunting Modern, Sinclair Modern, Sir Walter Scott Modern, Skene Modern, Smith Ancient, Smith Modern, Sommerville Ancient, Stewart Appin Ancient, Stewart Appin Hunting Ancient, Stewart Appin Hunting Modern, Stewart Appin Modern, Stewart Atholl Modern, Stewart Black Modern, Stewart Bute Modern, Stewart Charles Edward Modern, Stewart Dress Ancient, Stewart Dress Modern, Stewart Hunting Ancient, Stewart Hunting Modern, Stewart Hunting Weathered, Stewart Muted Blue Weathered, Stewart Old Ancient, Stewart Old Modern, Stewart Old Weathered, Stewart Royal Ancient, Stewart Royal Modern, Stirling Bannockburn, Sutherland Old Ancient, Sutherland Old Modern, Sutherland Old Weathered, Tara, Tartan Army, Tartan Blue, Tartan Green, Tartan Scarlet, Tasmania, Taylor Weathered, Thomson Camel Modern, Thomson Htg Modern, Thomson Modern, Urquhart Ancient, Urquhart Broad Red Ancient, Urquhart Modern, US Marine Leatherneck, Victoria, Wagga Wagga, Wallace Ancient, Wallace Hunting Ancient, Wallace Modern, Wallace Weathered, Watson Ancient, Weir Ancient, Wemyss Modern, Wilson Ancient, Young Modern


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