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Boy’s Kilt Made to Order

Boys Casual Kilt


Boys kilt for ages 2-12. Made from Pure new wool, and made in Scotland. Dry Clean Only.

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The kilt is made in Scotland to the highest quality standards. This kilt is made from lightweight pure new wool that will be comfortable and suitable for any child to wear. This kilt is perfect as it will grow with your child. It has an elasticated waistband that will stretch as they grow, which also offers comfort for your child. It features three 1″ buckles on either side of the apron, and comes with a 1″hem, which can be let down as the child grows. It is fully pleated and is complete with a single fringe on the apron. It is pleated to sett, and comes with a standard kilt pin, as well as, tacking in the pleats to ensure it arrives to you free from creases. These are great for any occasion, whether it be for school functions, a wedding, christening, or even for casual wear with an Arran jumper. These kilts are made with your child in mind and will sure to be comfortable and a long lasting item in their wardrobe.

This item is made in Scotland and made to order.

Age 2 Measures:   Waist: 18 in / 46 cm
Drop: 10in or 25.5 cm

Age 4 Measures:  Waist: 20in / 51 cm
Drop: 11in / 28 cm

Age 6 Measures:  Waist: 22 in / 56 cm
Drop: 12.5 in / 32 cm

Age 8 Measures:  Waist 23in / 58.5 cm
Drop: 14.5in / 37 cm

Age 10 Measures: Waist 24 in / 61cm
Drop: 15.5in / 39cm

Age 12 Measures: Waist : 26 in / 66cm
Drop: 17 in /  43cm

Lead Time & Delivery

Lead Time is 3-5 weeks, and we strive to delivery as soon as possible.

If you require a tartan that is not available, please call us or contact us via email for further enquiry.

Kilt Measuring Guide

For many, the thought of self measuring for Highland dress may seem quite daunting, but by following a few basic instructions this need not cause concern.
There are two golden rules.

  • DO NOT attempt to do this alone. It is essential that you get someone else to do the measuring as it is quite impossible to do this yourself with any degree of accuracy.
  • Use a proper tailor’s measuring tape. This may sound obvious but you’d be amazed at the number of folk who try to make do with a 6 inch ruler and a piece of string! It never works

Finally, if you need any advice, or are not sure of something, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Kilt Measuring Guide


WAIST (d) It is important to have the correct “starting point” which is 2 inches above the hip bone, usually at the navel. From this starting point measure around the stomach – this is the waist measurement. Note, the waist measurement that we are looking for is not the same as a trouser waist measurement, as the kilt is worn higher the waist measurement is usually greater than the trouser measurement.

SEAT (e) Take the widest area across the bottom, and measure around, do not put the tape measure tight, this should be a fairly loose measurement.

LENGTH (f) Whilst kneeling on the floor and keeping your back upright. Look straight ahead then measure from the navel to the floor. This will give you the correct finished length, which is mid-knee. There is a temptation to lean forward to view the measurement but this causes an inaccurate length measurement. It is essential that someone else does the measuring for you, as it is impossible to take this measurement accurately by yourself.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg

Age 2 – Waist 18″ Drop 10″, Age 4 – Waist 20″ Drop 11″, Age 6 – Waist 22″ Drop 12.5″, Age 8 – Waist 23″ Drop 14.5″, Age 10 – Waist 24″ Drop 15.5″, Age 12 – Waist 26″ Drop 17″

Lightweight Tartans

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Tordarroch Ancient, Singh Modern, Shaw Green Ancient, Shaw Green Modern, Sinclair Red Modern, Shepherd, Sinclair Hunting Ancient, Sinclair Hunting Modern, Skene Modern, Smith Ancient, Smith Modern, Ogilvie Hunting Modern, Ogilvie of Airlie Modern, Oliphant Ancient, Paisley Ancient, Ramsay Blue Ancient, Ramsay Red Modern, Rattray Modern, Renwick Modern, Robertson Hunting Ancient, Robertson Hunting Modern, Robertson Red Ancient, Robertson Red Modern, Rose Hunting Modern, Rose Red Modern, Ross Hunting Ancient, Ross Hunting Modern, Roxburgh Modern, Ross Hunting Weathered, Ross Red Modern, Russell Ancient, Napier Modern, Nicolson Modern, Nisbet Modern, Ogilvie Hunting Ancient, Abercrombie Modern, Aberdeen, Agnew Ancient, Allison Modern, Anderson Ancient, Anderson Modern, Angus Ancient, Arbuthnot Ancient, Armstrong Modern, Barclay Dress Modern, Austin Modern, Austin-Ancient, Baird Ancient, Baird Modern, Bell of the Borders, Black Watch Ancient, Barclay Hunting Ancient, Bisset Ancient, Black 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